Frankenstein for iPad and iPhone is now out!

For those who’ve been following inkle’s progress in getting mainstream interactive fiction published by a publisher, the results are finally out: … d516047066

You can read a bit more about it here:

Please have a try, and let us know what you think!

all the best

Any news on a Kindle version at some point?

Guys, I know you’re not really keen on making a computer version of your game, but couldn’t you at least look into something like distributing the game file + some sort of emulator?

The problem is visuals. A lot of what we’ve done is try to make something which is visually rich, and smoothly animated… and emulating that is hard. (Hell, and selling it is probably hard too.)

We are R&Ding non-iOS options at the moment; a Kindle version is not impossible, nor a HTML-5 webapp. Watch this space – and if you can kick a few iPhone users into buying it, that’ll help us persuade our publisher that we should be doing this…


I’m not at all sure on these things, but I think if I can download an HTML5 webapp and run it offline then I’d be pleased. :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response.

The visuals side of things doesn’t bother me at all and I’d hate it if that was the main reason for delaying a Kindle version (saying that, my Kindle can display images, just not colour ones).

The main reason is developing a platform from scratch! But visuals are the reason we went for iOS first. In terms of attracting people who might not otherwise read the book – and there are more those people – looking good is really important.

But as I say, we’ve got a Cunning Plan on the Kindle front, so we’ll see how that goes, and I’ll certainly let this forum know if/when it comes through. I’d certainly like to cover as many bases as possible!

With all that said, though, the way the UI flows does make a big difference to the reading experience. The iOS app is a pleasure to use, in a way that - I think - the Kindle version will find hard to replicate.



Congrats on this accomplishment. I am now the proud owner of this on my iPhone. From what I’ve seen so far, it is extremely well done and polished.

Great job!

– Mike

Thanks, Mike! I could sleep for a week… but kinda need to get on and make the next one. While the hammer’s hot, or whatever the phrase is…

Any feedback, hit me an email.

Jon is featuring–front page–an excellent review (reprinted from the Chimerist) of the inkle Frankenstein: … d_salpart/

When I say that it is an excellent review, I mean both that it calls Frankenstein excellent, and that it is thoughtful and engaged. (And when I say that it is thoughtful and engaged, I mean that it shares many of my own opinions :wink: )

As of January 2011, Salon had 5.4 million unique visitors, so this is pretty major for any work of textual IF.

In case I haven’t said so yet in a public forum: Congrats to Jon, Dave Morris, and the rest of the inkle team!

Brilliant interface - so smooth! Really enjoying so far… Idea… Would be nice to be able to alter the font size and distribution of text/images… As a teacher, I’d definitely look at this with my classes but the current font would probably be too small for them to read on a smart board. Best wishes