Found Zork 2 and 3 for CP/M

I came across an 8-inch floppy disk that seems like it has Zork 2 and Zork 3 on it. Given that I found it among a bunch of CP/M floppies, it too is for CP/M. Does anyone know anything interesting about what versions of Zork 2 and 3 I might have? Unfortunately, I don’t have anything set up to read this floppy.


I warmly suggest you to post this in comp.os.cpm, the CP/M equivalent of r.a.i.f (that is, the centralised forum), there’s trusted people (I can vouch for them, because I’m a long-time denizen of this NG) surely capable of extracting the files from this 8" disk. (if you known the machine used by this disk, things will be much more easier, CP/M world has a bewildering variety of formats, albeit I’m sure that the 2x90k maximum plus the ~10-12k of the ZIP interpreter fits well the minimum common denominator in the CP/M world, the 77-track, 256,256 byte IBM 8" SSSD format.