Found: Qt Glk / RemGlk app


Text mode affects things like line endings. It is crucial for most save files that they have the exact bytes that are written out, so you can’t use text mode. But it depends what the VM writes out. There could be one that saved to a text format.

You could still do what you want, just with another file. Or if it’s saving to Quetzal then you could add custom chunks.


I see.
Then it looks like it’s quite better to go, as you say, with an extra file with some kind of «metadata». Thank you!


Some teasing


Going back to pictures and drawlines: Let’s see if I understand correctly.
Suppossedly, after init the remglk with support graphics, it should return an update for the graphics in the json, right?
Or do I have to do something else?

I checked that images are in the same folder, with correct name, etc. But supposedly, some games (Spectrum sna) should have the lineart in the code but if I do glk graphics, remglk says that there are no graphics available.


It took me a looooot more than I thought but it’s out there now:

I took your idea to use remglk as a QProcess and it works perfectly fine but I read the json in javascript (in the same qml) and render output into a Text element.
It’s a lot easier to read the json in javascript than in c++ (at least for me).

Even the code is dirty, all the magic is basically here
I have not been able to get remglk to show lineart (even in documentation of level9glk says is implemented)

[Edit: I have updated linik to gitlab page]


I’m thinking of going a bit farther with Gelek and maybe do a vanilla version with other terps.
Now I see the Level9 interpreter is waaaaay simpler than others and my javascript implementation is very, very simple (effective, but simple) and incomplete.
Let’s see.


Answering myself, the glk implementation of level9 renders the line art as bitmap and then «treats» that bitmap as normal. And remglk is using local resources if I’m correct. So, that’s why it’s not working.

One approach could be sending the line art x, y, color info as part of the JSON… mmm.


Oh. It looks like I had to activate timer support :stuck_out_tongue:



{ "type":"timer", "gen":x }

to remglk until you get “timer”:null


Ha! Is not so straight forward. As the image is sent in several jsons and sometimes it seems too long to the buffer…


Update to Gelek:

  • Options to landscape mode
  • Option to move picture to the right (landscape)
  • Option to move common actions to the right (landscape)


New update to Gelek.

  • Dark theme
  • Icon Quick Action Menu for small screens
  • Implemented glk timer (specially needed for The Archers and Mole games)
  • Minor UI, qml and c++ improvements
  • Fixed automatic scrolling