<FOUND MY TESTERS!> for "Galaxy Jones", a fast-paced and exciting parser game!

I need a few testers for what will hopefully make a Spring Thing release: “Galaxy Jones”, an action thriller set on Mars, with killer robots! I’m a little unclear on the length of the game right now – probably 1-2 hours. Definitely not a long slog. Light puzzley. “Polite” on the Zarfian Cruelty Scale I believe, plus there are pretty obvious warnings when you’re about to get yourself in trouble.

Right now I’m looking for people to give me an idea of what works and what doesn’t, and that kind of subjective appraisal. There are still a lot of holes in detail and synonyms to plug, but I want to get this out there ASAP.

Since I’m attempting to hit the Spring Thing deadline, I’ll need it turned around pretty fast, but as I said, I don’t think it’s terribly long, and even a partial playthrough at this point is better than none to get an idea of how the concept is working.

Please PM me if you’re interested! Thanks!



I could use one more tester, this time to test a more polished game, looking for synonyms that don’t work, alternative solutions and funny actions that don’t work, etc., missing whatever. It’s fun and exciting!

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:smiling_face_with_tear: If I wasn’t literally on a descent into madness from my own game, I’d jump in.

However, this is now on the top of my list for SpringThing games!! Super excited to see how this turns out!! :grin:


I can’t promise much but if you send me a file I might be able to get you one transcript tomorrow…


Best of luck. Your game sounds insane!

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Thank you! It’s uh… definitely gonna be wild, I think.

Don't mean to go off on a vent here

It’s been an ongoing process of slowly learning the norms of the IF sphere, and looking back on my projects, and thinking “Oh… oh boy… I should put neon signs around the stuff that sets player expectations.”

Like, I don’t think my game is that big, but just the number of things I gotta mod and rewrite in TADS 3 alone is a growing indicator that I’m making something weird, at least. Honestly, most of my dev time is just making the mechanics work the way I want. I think I comprehend more about Adv3Lite than I ever thought I would, at this point.