(Found) beta testers for final version of Shuffling Around, 2012 IFComp game

Hello everyone.

Basically, what the title says.

This is something I wanted to get done by the end of the year. I’ve done a lot of programmer testing and fixed a lot of bugs over the years, and I’ve had some really helpful testers along the way. But now I need someone to make sure my tests weren’t overlooking something. I suspect there are a few obvious things a good tester may find, and then I can close the book on this, because it’s been fun, but I want to officially move on.

As a preview of what sort of game it is, the main mechanic may be frustrating for some, but it may also be very interesting. It is anagrams. e.g. SPACE to CAPES.

Differences from the latest version are: new location names, a couple more last lousy points, and redone starting and final areas that hopefully now makes more narrative sense and aren’t just puzzles for their own sake. The ending now has 3 alternate solutions. Also, the jokes work better, I think/hope. There are miscellaneous bug fixes, and while I’ve found a few regressions, there may always be more.

Shuffling Around should be relatively stable, though I do have certain particular areas that may need a detailed look if anyone has the time. And of course I’m glad to provide a walkthrough.

(And yes, the sequel, A Roiling Original, may need testing eventually as well. But Shuffling comes first. I’m just throwing this info out there in case anyone might be interested in testing something bigger and messier, for whatever reason.)

PM me if interested or mail me. I’m glad to trade testing efforts, too, of course. Thanks for any and all interest!