Forums for Applied Design

Anyone hang out on forums or boards or whatnot where there are regular conversations about specific design discussions? I’d like to bounce specific ideas off people and see what the holes are. They’re mostly world-building, but there’s also some gameplay pro-cons. Doesn’t necessarily have to be game-targeted - I imagine an active group of fiction readers could be helpful. I just want to go somewhere where I can recruit a little help parsing out design choices. (Is there such a thing as a design beta?)

I think you’re in such a forum. Maybe it’s a bit anaemic, but hey, you’re in a perfect position to change that. :slight_smile:

A while back the ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Design’ sub-forums here were consolidated or reformed or something, but maybe it’s time to split the two topics?

Fair enough. I just figured there might be other such forums floating around (and sometimes it’s nice to get hold on non-IFers). I’ll try to keep the number of topics under control.

If you’ve never checked out TIGSource, it’s worth a look.

God yes.