Forthcoming Oxford/London IF group meetups

We have the next couple of IF meetups scheduled for the Oxford/London group. They are

1 PM Sunday April 12, Oxford (at the Jam Factory restaurant) – Oxford Jam Factory meets are usually medium-sized (5-8 people) and entail sitting around in a pub-restaurant, having whatever food or drink suits you, for a couple of hours of informal chatting. You are welcome to bring WIPs to show people. The Jam Factory is within shortish walking distance of the bus and train stations, for the convenience of those coming from an adjacent town.

7 PM Wednesday May 13, London (at the Failbetter offices) – London meets are usually a bit bigger (20-30 people), so we divide up into smaller groups to chat, then go hang out at the pub afterwards. The offices are a short stroll from the North Greenwich tube station, on the Jubilee line.