FORTAVM is a new virtual-machine I invented and I require...

Can someone please review the specification? Please note that the standard libraries aren’t complete yet, but it should still work (although not very good) without the standard libraries. Can you make a comment of it? Is there anything ambiguous? Is there something you think is wrong with it? Is this specification clear enough to write a interpreter? Please be specific.

Looks interesting but you could say it’s outside my area of expertise :wink:. You might get more looks at this if you post in

I posted it to at, and it did post OK on, but I can’t find it on the Google copy of that newsgroup. How long does it take to copy? Am I doing something wrong? Is there some important header that I omitted? (Please note, I only put 3 headers on the message: Newsgroups, From, Subject. Are there other required headers?)

Well, let’s see if anyone else replies here about my virtual-machine specification, someone that understands it better.

I don’t know, maybe it’ll show up shortly. Others might already have it in their news reader feeds.

Yeah, I see it, posted at 2:38 PM CST yesterday.