forcing text at the disambiguation prompt?

Under certain circumstances I would like ambiguous commands to be processed for every object to which they apply. For instance, supposing I have “x [things]” understood as examining, I might want “x rock” to be processed as examining every rock in the room.

One possible way to work this would be to, when the game wants to ask “Which do you mean?”, instead of printing the question use something like a “For reading a command” rule to put “all” in the command line; if the disambiguation response is “all” then I’ll get the effect I want. But disambiguation responses don’t seem to be solicited a separate “reading a command” activity. When I put in rules to print debug text before and after reading a command I get something like this:

Is there any way to force “all” into the disambiguation response without diving deep into the I6?

Another possibility might be to use Disambiguation Control, which exposes the match list; is there a way to use Disambiguation Control to redirect actions to apply to the whole match list without a nightmarish I6 hack?