Force Restart


Don’t let the topic title fool you - this has nothing to do with Force Push and Force Choke - although I wouldn’t refuse being taught some Jedi Mind Tricks.

Anyway, can I force a restart through code?

“try restarting the game” doesn’t do the thing I want because it asks for player consent.
Don’t worry, consent is important (in all things) - by the time the player triggers it they’d have agreed to it anyway. However, the game would ask it again (which is redundant and thus the Devil’s Magic).

Anyone know of a way?


You need to “follow the immediately restart the VM rule”, as used in the final question.

What final question?

“Do you want to RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT?”

… is there a way for me to find such codes that the engine uses standard?

Standard Rules, or the Index if they’re tied to an action.

To get you out of Padwan status on this, I would do this:

  • read 11.6 in the docs. Then,
  • search for the word ‘immediately’ in Graham Nelson’s Standard Rules extension. The first incidence of it will be in an area where you can just browse around some of the restart/final question code.


The Inform 6 code is just @restart; Very easy to make your own phrase if necessary.

I make it a point to steer clear of Inform 6 stuff for it is like C++ to me,
in the sense that it gives me all the rope I need to hang myself with.

I’ll be over here in the Inform 7 ball pit where there’s less chance of drowning/shark attack.

[rant]I, on the other hand, is a sucker for free rope! I tried pasting that nice @restart; into my game, but it didn’t like it much.

Maybe I need to tell it that this is inform 6 code?[/rant]

EDIT: never mind, I just use this nice code instead:

follow the immediately restart the VM rule;

If you want to embed the I6 code:

To force a restart: (- @restart; -).

Instead of pressing the Extradiegetic Button: force a restart.

That’s what the immediately-restart rule does. No reason to go to I6 there.

(Yeah, but nice to know anyhow!)