For Jim Aikin - I Stole this from you but it only sort wks.

When it is called the routine both returns the required text but from that point on, I get the message “You must supply a noun”

Any ideas?
Greg Masoner

It does that when “the best route…” returns nothing. Try adding “, using doors” to the end of the best route phrase. Or make sure your wino is not trapped.

Or add “if way is a direction:” before “try going the way”; if there’s no path, then way will be nothing, which isn’t a direction.

This is usually good practice when you’re doing pathfinding, so you don’t get errors when there’s no path.

(Another note is that you might want to check that the Small Wino is in the player’s location before you print the messages, just in case there’s somehow a way for the player to get two jumps ahead of him. Even if it never happens, it’d be nice to have the check in there.)