Good morning, fellow IF fans!

I have some research on fonts and have found that not much of it is supported.

I’m looking for a way to mimic the OCR-A format – that is, the old font that you would find on calculators (and still can, I guess). Can’t find that there’s anything like it on unicode charters and the ASCII for certain letters will just generate it in the printed font.

Particularly, I’m trying to find a way to print the number “4” like an upside-down h…

Any thoughts help. As always, thank you!

You can change to a fixed-width font and back like so:

Say "[fixed letter spacing]4[variable letter spacing]."
But that’s only going to use whatever the player has set as their fixed-width font in the interpreter, which will most likely be Courier. You could put a suggestion when the game starts for the player to manually change their fixed-width font to OCR, but this might not be done if the player doesn’t want to or doesn’t know how.

One solution could be to just describe this to the player as description:

“You punch the math problem into the calculator. It displays 0.7734, which you note spells ‘hello’ upside down.”

If you absolutely need the player to see it, you might want to make a small graphic of the readout and include it in the story. See chapter 23.2 of the documentation how to do this.

If you include a picture that is critical to the story or as a puzzle solution, you will also want to include alt-text for players who might be visually-impaired and using a screen reader, or whose interpreter does not display graphics.

Long story short: you put the image into a “Figures” folder inside the materials folder, then describe them in the source text:

[code]Figure of Hello is the file “hello.jpg” (“The readout from the calculator, which is 0.7734, spells ‘hello’ upside down.”).

Last report examining the calculator when solved = true:
display figure of hello.[/code]

The text in parenthesis after describing the figure of hello is the “alt text” which will show if the interpreter cannot show graphics.

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I hadn’t thought about using images. Thank you for the suggestion!

When you say ‘materials’ folder do you mean ‘images’? I can’t find a materials folder.

Thank you

The materials folder should be automatically created for you the first time you release the project. Read the manual 25.6 for more specific info.

If you implement your story in FyreVM-Web, you can use any web-font you want for any part of your story.

Just posted an example story today. Not with an OCR-A font, but it’s a web page, so that wouldn’t be a difficult change.