Following custom rule from Inter

I have this I7:

This is the sneaky zorkmid rule:
	say "sneaky.";

The sneaky zorkmid rule translates into inter as "SNEAKY_ZORKMID_R".

I know where in the Inter code I want to follow it, but I’m not sure how. FollowRule doesn’t seem to exist, but the problem may be that I have to add my rule name somewhere else in the I6. Any ideas?

lab is a room.

This is the sneaky zorkmid rule:
	say "sneaky.";

To zork: (- FollowRulebook( (+ sneaky zorkmid rule +) ); -)

when play begins: zork.

I’m sorry, I should have been clearer. I need to follow a rulebook from kit source (in this case I’m trying to patch the parser a little).

I’ve added FollowRulebook(SNEAKY_ZORKMID_R ) in Parser.i6t

and added Constant SNEAKY_ZORKMID_R = 100; in Definitions.i6t,

and included the new inter in my project correctly (I can tell because I’m able to create build errors by messing with the I6),

but it’s not invoking the rule, so I conclude there’s something I don’t know about.

ah. yes, that’s very tricky in 10.1. willing to build the current dev version?

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Goodness, I think I might just drop back to 6M62. I haven’t finished a project in 10 yet, why break my streak?