Floating point arithmetic?

Does I7 have the ability to handle floating point numbers? If not, has anyone written a handy extension for doing so?

I ask because simply multiplying everything by 100 and then back down again is a hassle, plus it’s giving me nonsense answers - I must be maxing out. Anyone know how many bytes I7 uses to store its integers?

IIRC, I7 using 16 bit arithmetic (max value is 65536). There’s an I6 extension for floating point operations, but I don’t know if it’s been ported to I7.

I found the I6 library, it looks just what I need. How do I go about using it within I7?

I’ve tried wrapping the whole text in (- these -) but I7 doesn’t like it. I have no idea where to put the .h file so that I7’s normal Include action can find it, or even if I7’s Include is capable of including *.h files.

I’m also slightly unsure -if I do suceed in getting I7 to read the library, will I then just be able to tell it say, “( 6 ^ 2.6 ) / 56 * the strength of the player” and expect it to work, or will I have to use some little bit of I6 code every time I need a number? (I’m rather anxious about this as I have no idea how to write I6 code.)

I feel a little silly saying this, but doesn’t the I7 game Floatpoint use floating point numbers? You could email Emily Short and ask what she included to make it work.

Well, I asked, and no, apparently it doesn’t.

I find it difficult to believe that no other writers have had the need for proper maths in games?