Flip a coin, and print a special message when the player has done a certain amount of flips

Title explains my problem.

Here’s a really basic implementation. It definitely has some rough edges, but should illustrate the mechanical elements of what you need to do.

Dingy Hotel Room is a room. The scuffed desk is a supporter in Hotel Room. A coin is a thing on scuffed desk.

Flipping is an action applying to one touchable thing and requiring light. Understand "flip [thing]" as flipping.

Instead of flipping something that is not the coin, say "That's not something you can flip.".

Number of times flipped is a number that varies. Number of times flipped is zero.

Carry out flipping:
	increment the number of times flipped.

Report flipping:
	if the number of times flipped is greater than 900:
		say "You flip the coin yet again. Your head explodes with boredom.";
		end the story;
		say "You flip the coin and peer eagerly at which face is up. It is [one of]heads[or]tails[purely at random]!"
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