"Flight: An Alchemical Adventure" is FINALLY published

Some of you are familiar with the saga of this game, which I wrote for the IF Comp in 2018 (before disqualifying myself… twice).

Since then I have continued to stumble about the internets inadvertently sabotaging the chances of this story, but I believe I’m done destroying it now, and have published it for $5 on itch.io, here.


A blurb for ye…

Some call me evil. Like the engineers of Babel; like Hypatia and Galileo; like the Montgolfier brothers. What is life for, if not to fly?

Hello there, Dear Reader. Were you expecting something a little more ordinary? Something that followed the rules of How To Play A ChoiceScript Game? Fah! I despise the ordinary. But if you like adventure, history, and a heaping serve of late-1700s alchemical SCIENCE—with perhaps a whirlwind romance for those who like that sort of thing—then read on.

I should perhaps warn you that the tale begins with my genius self in a dungeon, and my life forfeit. We shall need to either turn over a new leaf and prove ourselves redeemed, or become so powerful that no one will ever dare to speak out against us again.

If you’ve ever wished a game was more like a penny dreadful novel, read on.

FLIGHT is a clockpunk fantasy interactive novel by award-winning author Felicity Banks.

  • Play male, female, genderfluid, or nonbinary; gay, straight, or asexual.
  • Discover new magically activated metals, and use their powers.
  • Travel around 1700s France, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Romance an adventuress—or a man who hates the British as much as you do.
  • Solve the major scientific problems of the age, and choose to share or hide your discoveries.
  • Travel the world, make friends, and maybe kill them.

Ah, Felicity! I never heard of clockpunk until your post. Once again you’ve dragged me kicking and screaming into the present, and/or a very specific chunk of the fictional past. Good work in getting it out.