fizmo 0.7.6 released

fizmo 0.7.5 has been released. This is mainly a bugfix release with one minor new feature:

CTRL-R will now redraw the screen in fizmo-ncursesw. Contrary to refreshing using CTRL-L, redrawing will simply re-display the latest output from the lower line of the screen, which makes output of the top screen line, which is accidentally hidden in case the game turns on the status bar after clearing the screen, visible (which happens when starting “Body Bargain” for example).

As for the fixes, multiple issues have been patched in the wordwrapper, no more characters are lost in transcripting, preloaded input is now no longer written into transcripts, the “-fi” switch has been repaired, colors are now set correctly for all windows when using @set_colour and a memory corruption issue has been fixed in the command-history. Thanks to Lewis Gentry for discovering all(!) of these. Also thanks to Johan Ljunglid for hinting at the typos.

The source code is available from … 7.5.tar.gz.

[Edit: Raised version number for last post]

Pushed to Gentoo’s interactive-fiction overlay.

Note this QA warning though:

[code] * QA Notice: Package triggers severe warnings which indicate that it

  •        may exhibit random runtime failures.
  • math.c:322:22: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘rint’

Many thanks. This is now fixed in the github repository and will be included in the 0.7.6 release.

As of today, version 0.7.6 may be found at … 7.6.tar.gz – this should fix the “rint”-related warning, another one when compiling “cmd_hst.c” and some other minor issues like universal builds on Mac OS X, problems in “clean” / “distclean” targets and missing “~/.config/fizmo” creation when searching for story files.

It’s in the Gentoo interactive-fiction overlay now.