fizmo 0.7.10 released

fizmo 0.7.10 is available from … .10.tar.gz. It brings the following changes:

  • Adaptations for print_table opcode, which fixes output in “Sherlock”.
  • Fix for Debian bug #795800: When the ncurses screen is resized when Inform’s menu library displays hints or instructions fizmo will no longer exit and complain about an error in the “output_rewind_paragraph” function. Thanks to Lewis Gentry for reporting this problem.
  • Fixed score/turns position in statusline for v≤3 games.
  • Adapted sound interface to SDL2.
  • Fixed possible garbled upper window after erase_window(-1) invocation.
  • Minor fixes for lib detection, will remove some warnings and possible some build issues on linux.
  • No more strict dependency on libncursesw since libncurses works equally well.
  • Added forgotten configuration options “with-ncurses-includedir”, “with-ncursesw-libdir” and “with-ncurses-libdir”.
  • Fix in history/remove_chars_from_history.
  • Fix for missing prompt after interpreter commands.
  • Many minor fixes to history, autoconf and lib detection.


It’s now in the Gentoo interactive-fiction overlay.

Btw, the homepage for fizmo seems broken:

It’s just empty.

Is there a binary of fizmo-glktermw available anywhere?

Thanks for the Gentoo-upload, and also many thanks for the hint about the webpage (which has been fixed).

From what I know there isn’t. So far this one has been mainly served as an example and testcase for the GLK-bindings in fizmo’s libglkif. Additionally, since the GLK libraries are also often not available in a packaged form in most distributions, it’s also not enabled in the default build. At the moment it has to build from source by explicitly stating “–enable-glktermw” in the configure invocation.