First time using program, game won't play

Hi Everyone!

I just downloaded and installed Inform 7, all excited to try it. I copied “Onyx”, opened it, and I see the source in the left panel, Documentation on the right. Great. When I hit Go I get the “generating code” progress bar and then in says “generating story file.”

Then the right panel is just blank. I can’t click there (focus remains on the source code).

Any ideas?


You don’t say what operating system you’re using (Windows, MacOS or Linux). But if you’re on Windows, we have seen problems with anti-virus tools blocking the components that drive the Story tab.

To check, use Windows Explorer to look in the folder that Inform was installed in (usually “C:\Program Files\Inform”. There should be a folder “Interpreters” that contains three files: “frotz.exe”, “glulxe.exe” and “git.exe”. If one or more of those is missing, this is the likely cause. In that case you’ll have to see if your anti-virus has moved the files somewhere and persuade it to put them back.


Yes I’m on Windows and there was a weird anti-virus message when I installed. So thanks! That’s probably it.

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Yes! That worked. Thanks a bunch.