First-round XYZZY voting now open

Well, I posted the poll. Would it be leading too much to say which categories we think a given game should be nominated for?

ChrisC: that’s a nice idea, but so much of the community is focused around the IFDB and so little around, say, the ifwiki that it might go unnoticed. On a side note, that sounds very similar to an idea that was kicked around after the XYZZY scandal last year.

But couldn’t the popular one just link to the not, then?

A reminder: you have one week left to get your first-round nominations in. So if you’re still working on your list, or trying to come up with something for one of those troublesome text-entry categories… set a few minutes aside, take a few notes, have some tea, and get your votes submitted.

Just a reminder: voting will be closed on Monday, so you’ve got the weekend if you need to finish up your votes, make last-minute changes, or whatnot.