First person past tense spatial demonstrative confusion, please advise

The question:
With first person past tense narration, the spatial demonstrative of the default object listing does not appear to agree with spatial demonstratives explicitly referenced in quoted strings.

I would like the default object listing to read “I could see Sandy there.”, not “I could see Sandy here.

I’m not sure what the issue is, code to explicitly say “[here]” says “there” as expected.

The code:

When play begins:
	now the story tense is past tense;
	now the story viewpoint is first person singular;
	now progress is 0;
The Sandbox is a room.  "[We] [are] just playing [here], minding [our] own business.".
Sandy is a person in the Sandbox.

The output:

I was just playing there, minding my own business.

I could see Sandy here.


Thanks for your time!

Ah, looks like this is a small bug in the you-can-also-see rule – there’s a " here" that should be a " [here]" (from looking at the documentation, I’m guessing the option to change the tense wasn’t included in the initial release of Inform 7, and this rule was incompletely updated). Fortunately this is an easy fix, just swap the relevant response like so:

The you-can-also-see rule response (F) is " [here]".