Finnicky imagemap problem

I have a very odd problem, an imagemap I made is working correctly when put in regular story passages, but doesn’t 100% work when put in a special sidebar passage StorySubtitle. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be working is it won’t highlight when hovered over. The link part of it works.

Greyelf would you have any idea on what might be preventing it from highlighting? Thx

<img src="misc/hotelfastmap1stfloora.png" usemap="#image-map">\
<map name="image-map">\
<area alt="Main lobby" title="Main lobby" coords="82,33,123,118" shape="rect" data-passage="Clearview main lobby">\
    <area alt="West lobby" title="West lobby" coords="4,33,73,74" shape="rect" data-passage="West lobby">\
    <area alt="East corridor" title="East corridor"  coords="129,87,194,99" shape="rect" data-passage="ground floor east corridor">\

Twine Version: 2.3.14
Story Format: Sugarcube

What CSS are you using to achieve the hover based highlighting?

I didn’t have to use any when putting it in a normal passage, it was automatically doing it with imagemap.

I am using the Jquery plugin of maphilight I found here to accomplish highlighting.

The jquery code is beyond my understanding, but something in it must be limiting it to apply the highlighting to just imagemaps in twine passages and not any imagemaps in the UI bar. I know this is a tough one.

What “highlight” activation code are you using in your project, and where in you project are you executing it?

eg. the code that looks something like…

	/* configuration setting go here... */

And are you using a macro like <<done>> to delay the execution of that activation code?