Fine Felines

A game about cat pictures! And fibromyalgia, to balance out the overdose of cuteness.

ChoiceScript, took me about half an hour to play through the first time. Clearly intended to be replayed.

Good storytelling, lots of cute cat pictures. This is very much what it says on the tin.

Your mom died, you’re dealing with that and the exhaustion of being her caretaker: you’re a little lost, and you decide to jump into breeding cats. Along the way you get diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have to learn to balance caring for yourself with your other responsibilities and activities.

The simulation got a little wonky toward the end (I think I sold five of the three kittens that my cats had), but that seemed like a minor issue since it felt much more about the cat pictures and storytelling.

And I didn’t realize until the very end that I could hit the “Show Stats” button to see how much money I had: the prose only mentions it occasionally and usually after you’ve made a purchase. Which, again, not a big deal. If I’d gotten seriously into the accounting I would have looked harder. But I steered a fairly middle-of-the-road approach to spending money and was more invested in the story.

Has a lot of the hallmarks of a Choice of Games piece: a fair bit of stat-based branching, optional romance, etc. But a more cozy manageable size than some of the monster CoG novels. Well worth a playthrough or two.