Finding two games: Rat Chaos and a game I played years ago

I’ve been looking for two games that I’m interested in playing.

One is Rat Chaos, a twine game which won an XYZZY award. It no longer seems to be hosted at its original website.

The other is a game I remember playing five years ago, when I had just started interactive fiction. Youwere suddenly teleported to an old school/castle in the mountain, and an old grey-bearded crazy wizard that was stealing scrolls and hiding from the spell police was the one who summoned you. I think you had to explore his office, but I quit early on. It was too long ago to be Scroil Thief and I already tried Zegrothenus.

Thanks for the help!

I am also interested in finding this game now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it this one? I never got far but I believe it’s a fantasy where you’re teleported to a fantasy world and a wizard is a main NPC.

Rat Chaos is available in my collection. I’ll give you a speedier link in a moment. You have to download it, though, no online play.

EDIT - Damn, my collection is so bloody slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT 2 -!fxEFATpQ!Bze4R7B4ugVcRN7SHwWSyw

You’ll want to “download as zip”, there’s quite a few files there.

@MTW That’s it! No wonder I couldn’t find it; whenever I saw Risorgimento Represso, I always assumed it was some weird Leonardo Da Vinci adventure with elements of the Day of the Dead of Mexico. But this is absolutely the game; I even remember the lecture and the yogurt cup.

@Peter Thank you so much!