Finding the door direction

Each room in the I7 model world pretty much has to have a full set of properties of the I6 form n_to, ne_to, etc. Some of these will have the value nothing, some will have the value of another room, and some will have the value of a door. But these properties are not revealed by the I7 showme command.

So the question is, how exactly can the author extract the exit direction of a door that’s in a room, in order to look at it and possibly set a variable to that direction? I’ve tried dropping into I6, which I’ve never done from I7 before, but this doesn’t work at all:

let P be an object; let P be (- [Funct; return location.n_to;]; -);
Nor does this:

let P be (- location.n_to -);

So how does one get at the value of an I6 property? Or is that what I need to do?

As I posted in the other thread, I think you want the I7 phrase “direction of (door) from (room)” – see 3.12 in Writing with Inform.