Finding Reliable Beta Testers

Thanks to everyone for their contributions to this thread. The two playtesters who have been testing my game for a while now - one of them since February - are doing a fantastic job. The second guy, who started in May, has found things that the first playtester missed and I have now got a third guy who has just started playtesting who has found things the other two missed! Added to that I have a fourth tester who is yet to start testing, it will be interesting to see what he finds and comments on.

Awesome…I’ve enjoyed reading what others have to say, too.

In this spirit, would it be useful maybe to have a pinned topic describing basic outlines of how to beta test, what to ask for in a beta test, alpha vs. beta tests, good timetables for beta testing (especially re: competitions,) etc.? I know there are a lot of resources out there e.g. the wiki, or at, but I also seem to recall Matt Wigdahl having a really good write-up of his Aotearoa experiences. I’m sure there are others & it’d be potentially very handy to have things in one place a la the pinned Inform 7 documentation topic.


I’ve tested many other games and they were more positive experiences, i.e., communication both ways. I think that it may have been a fairly isolated incident. It won’t stop me from testing.