Finding Omega in Alethicorp

So I got this email from Omega in Alethicorp:

[spoiler]You didn’t find any of this suspicious? You’re either incompetent, or you’ve decided these poor people deserve to be left alone.

Perhaps you understand the consequences of the power you yield?

If you've genuinely started to develop a conscience, let's get in touch.

You can find out more at a place that only you will be able to see...

P.S: You need to find us today. Time is of the essence.


And so I need to find them before submitting my hours, but I’ve had no luck so far. Any hints?

Early on you should have got a message that the webpage has been hacked… but only the publicly accessible parts.

If you looked around the webpage before you applied, did you find a message that only you can see?

Specifically, a message that you need to upgrade your browser to see a certain part?

Go to the front page and look at the “History” tab.

Ah thanks, yes I can see how it was in fact hinted at now.