Find in I7 IDE

Another gripe about the Find dialog in the I7 IDE:

I’ve already mentioned the problems with focus and the target pane for the Mac IDE’s “Find” feature. But I just noticed a couple new problems.

First, I got into a situation where it seemed clear that the source pane was focused, and the text I was searching for was right in front of me, but “Find again” did not find it. I wish I knew how to duplicate that, but it’s happening over and over again. Something I’m doing, maybe cmd-F to do a fresh find, resets it and then it works again, but I’m not sure exactly how.

Second, if you’re done finding, even if you found nothing (e.g. you just finished a cycle of search & replace), focus remains on the source pane, not on the Find window. Even pressing cmd-~ repeatedly will not ever focus the find window - it just cycles between other windows. Several times I have finished a search & replace and then hit cmd-W to close the Find window… which actually closes the project instead!

edit - I’ve figured out how it DOES work - cmd-F focuses the find window. The find window really behaves like a separate pane, but it floats over the text of the other panes instead of having its own space. I think this is my main problem - it can’t decide whether it’s a pane or an independent window.

Does anyone else experience these problems, and do you have suggestions we could vote up or propose on uservoice?