Find beta-testers at

Authors looking for beta-testers could try

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I didn’t even know it was still active :wink:

I just wish SO very much that the people who reply to my call for playtesters on weren’t such a total bunch of time-wasters! :imp: I reply to their email and then I never hear another word from them, it is SO frustrating! Every damn time. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Out of curiosity, how active is this site? Is it still a viable first resource to get beta-testers? The site itself offers no indication to the level of activity it sees either way. Maybe it does if I sign up, but I’ve no reason to yet.

Just wondering,

I found 4 or 5 testers on the site fairly easily a month or two ago.

That’s good to know. Cheers!

As someone who’s signed up, I think it would be neat to show levels of activity (games submitted and testing offers received) if possible. But I don’t see a way to do so without sharing personal information.

It’s one of many ways to get testers. I’ve gotten tweets from email, from here, from a private Google group, and even from a tweet. And I’ve gotten some very good testing from it, both for initial releases and re-releases.

It could only be a nice looking chart with numbers (and no names or other information) with games submitted and testing offers over time. Or something like that. Maybe someone else might have a better idea. In any event, I can’t see why the notion of showing activity must by necessity also give out personal info. :smiley: is shutting down on March 20th 2016. Announcement here.

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