Find a paragraph?

I got this run-time problem:

But I have no idea how to find paragraph 6140 using the Mac IDE. Is there a way?

I don’t know, but I’m skeptical that it’s referring to a paragraph in your I7 code; I would tend to assume it’s referring to the compiled I6. If I were you, I’d try doing a rules trace instead of trying to find the right paragraph.

There are several ways to approach debugging, but in this error message “paragraph” does refer to your I7 source code. (However, it might or might not be wise about included extensions.)

I don’t think the IDE has an option for this. Try copying Source/ to a temporary file and loading it into a text editor. (I use TextWrangler.)

Assuming a paragraph is not a line, and/or you don’t have a text editor that tells you which paragraph you’re in, then one other option could be to make a rule that doesn’t apply.

Put it in the middle of the file and compile. If the error is in paragraph 6141, then the error is in the second half of the file. If it is in paragraph 6140, then it is the first.

Repeat the binary search til you find it.

In this particular case, I was able to guess which phrase was causing the problem on the first try. But I think it’s infuriating that the runtime could give you information about the source that the IDE can’t even process.