Filght of the Hummingbird post-comp release

Release 2 of Flight of the Hummingbird is now finished. It is available at the moment at … mmingbird/

With an additional copy working its way into the Archive.

  • A wide variety of new phrasings and synonyms have been added that should make interaction with some objects simpler. Many thanks to the comp judges who sent me transcripts.
  • The Last Lousy Point has been removed; in its place are five Optional Challenges tracked individually and separately from the score.
  • It is now possible to beat the game using no takeable objects that you did not start the game with. This is in fact one of the aforementioned optional challenges.
  • A few wobbles in the physics model have been improved.
  • The source code has been cleaned up for release.
  • A handful of additional alternate solutions have been added to many puzzles.
  • The hint menus have been improved slightly.
  • Plot elements involving your interactions with mission control have been extended and refined.