Filfre with Windows 10,11,12

I have a version of Filfre from 2017 that worked great on Windows 7.

We are upgrading our computer to a newer version of windows, and I’m wondering if Filfre will still run on our new computer.

Do I need a new version of Filfre, or should I switch to a different interactive fiction software platform?

Thanks for the help.


Filfre might work, but it’s no longer maintained. I think the last update was in 2013.

So far as currently maintained local interpreters for Windows go, I personally use Lectrote and Gargoyle for everything but Infocom games. For Infocom, I prefer Windows Frotz.

Lectrote has fewer text display options, but the available ones are attractive. A good fire and forget option that works well. Gargoyle has a lot of presentation options, but those are configured in a text file. That’s more trouble, but if you want granular control over appearance, it’s a solid choice. Both are great. It just comes down to your preferences.

I prefer Frotz for what I perceive as better accuracy and ease of use for later Infocom formats.

Parchment’s web interpreter is very easy to use, though it has fewer player configuration options than the local applications do. The “play online” buttons at IFDB use Parchment.

IFWiki’s page regarding recommended interpreters has a more comprehensive list.


Thanks, I’m a bit confused though on what exactly to download, there are so many different files and source code, etc…

If I want to install Frotz for windows, what do I need to download?

Thanks for the help.

It was just updated a few days ago. Try this:

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