File Dependencies?

Edit: Turns out I had an old version of the 1.5 library on the laptop. Putting the new version into the TADS 3 folder in Program Files (x86) didn’t solve the problem, because the project’s file path was to the TADS 3 folder in My Documents. Problem solved (I think).

Decided to do some bug report processing on the laptop rather than my main PC. Transferred all of the current project files, plus a couple of edited library files (I’m still using adv3Lite 1.5 until I finish this project). Put all the files in appropriate places. Launched Workbench.

The project compiles perfectly … and then my test run fails in the very first action sequence. An NPC fails to respond to a TellAbout action. But the code file itself hasn’t changed in months, and that particular bit of code hasn’t changed for years. Plus, it works fine in this PC, but not in the laptop.

Has anyone else encountered anything like this? What can you suggest?


Yes, I experienced something possibly similar during adv3Lite development, where library files seemed to get out of sync between my laptop and my desktop even though everything is on OneDrive. I never managed to work out why this what happening, and have mainly dealt with it my doing all my adv3Lite development on my laptop. IIRC, I managed to get library changes reflected on my desktop by removing the adv3Lite library files from whatever project I was working on and then adding them back in again, but it was too much of a pain to have to keep doing this. It might be less of an issue if you only have to do it once with a new version of the adv3Lite library.

I thought perhaps it might be some quirk of Workbench, but maybe there’s something else going on here.


I had to replace the drive on my antique Dell laptop. I installed TADS 3 with no problem. After installing the newest version of Adv3Lite, TADS 3 will not recognize that it is installed no matter where I copy the Adv3Lite folder in my directories.


Assuming you’re talking about Workbench, do you have both the Extensions path and the library path correctly added in the settings?

Hi Adrian,

I have verified the lib path and the Extension directory path with Adv3Lite folder listed.

It is basically the same setup I have on this desktop. I have been unable to get it working. I will go back and re-install TADS 3 and re-download Adv3Lite v 1.6 and try again.

Thanks, Jeff