Figures or images in Borogove?

I’m trying to insert an image in an Inform 7 project via Borogove.

In my source code I have

Figure of map is the file "map.png".
When play begins: display the Figure of map.

In the Borogove file manager I have map.png under a folder called Figures. In the contents, it seems to be looking for looking for the image in that directory but I get the error message:

	Figure of map 
Missing from the Figures folder
Filename: "Figures/map.png" - resource number 3
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I second that. Where do the pictures need to be stored so that “Figure Pic01 is the file “Pic01.jpg”.” allocates the picture?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to include Materials files (images and sounds) at the moment. The compiler creates a .ulx game file instead of a blorb so it can’t pack anything extra in it.