Fight Club (Very Alpha Stage 0.066) Adults only

Dear all,

Making a new game based on the cyoa concept. This game is for Adults only!

Expect sex, and other things not suitable for minors… enter at your own risk.

Disclaimer apart, i hope you enjoy it. My purpose is to get some feedback and ideas for the game.

In a near future scenario, the world has turned far different than expected.

You are a female fighter

Will your actions have any impact or will you fade away in the crowd?

The game contains sex but it should be enjoyable on other paths as well.

Fight club is the name of the game and i hope to get new ideias\feedback. … index.html

Just click the above link to play, recommended browser firefox. Also played on mobile phones.

New versions will be uploaded to the same link.

It is an alpha, with about 35 minutes of gameplay, depending on your choices.


If you are unsure what i am looking for, please have a look at the bare-bones blog i created for the development of the game.

Thank you

Best Regards,