"Fifteen Minutes" call for beta testers

So, I’m getting my IFCOMP entry this year in for beta testing nice and early :slight_smile:

Anyway. Here’s the blurb :

"You’re in a tight spot. You have fifteen minutes before the Principal expels you from the cosy world of academia and into the cold harsh reality of the real world. You really should do something about it.

A time travelling tale of woe."

A complex integrated puzzler that’s meant to be tough. Logical and fair, but tough. Really need some great testers to proof, Beta test and, in particular, check that the core puzzle isn’t too hard.

It’s up on : if.game-testing.org/calls/ also.

Thanks in advance.

Ade McT

edit : Oops. Probably ought to mention it’s Inform/Zcode!

I’m up for testing this.


Thanks to all who responded to the call. Response was awesome. I’m now full up for Beta testing, and this call is now closed.

Thanks again,