Feedback needed for playing ADRIFT games online

Inspired by the initial success of Frankendrift (Mac/Linux/Windows ADRIFT 5 interpreter) I believe there will be a new way to play ADRIFT games online at some point.

Until then, we already have a way to play ADRIFT games online, but it is very dated: The ADRIFT online Runner. And often it is down, though Campbell has been good to keep it active during IFComp if we inform him about problems. It is down now too!

I would like to ask about your experiences with the online Runner if you can remember?
Did it e.g. give a bad impression so you decided not to play ADRIFT games etc?
I remember most below and can probably check if a bug is inherent to the game.

Here is a list of competition games made with ADRIFT you may or may not have played with the online Runner:

Lost Coastlines (IFComp 2022)
October 31st (ParserComp 2022)
The Euripides Enigma (ParserComp 2022)
Grandma’s Flying Saucer (TALP Jam 2022)
Grandpa’s Ranch (ParserComp 2021)
Just Another Fairy Tale (IFComp 2020)
Return to Castle Coris (IFComp 2020)
Return to the City of Secrets (Emily Short Anniversary Contest 2020)
Be There! (EctoComp 2019)
Skybreak! (IFComp 2019)
Treasure Hunt in the Amazon (IFComp 2019)
Six Silver Bullets (IFComp 2018)
Stone of Wisdom (IFComp 2018)
Anno 1700 (IFComp 2018)
Land of the Mountain King (IFComp 2017)
Temperamentum (IFComp 2017)
[Let me know if I forgot some ADRIFT 5 games - An ADRIFT 4 game was last entered in 2012]


I remember trying it years ago, because the native Windows runner wasn’t accessible with my screen reader. If I remember correctly, it was slow as molasses and was kinda buggy.

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Thanks. Slow is definitely a problem. But the bugs could easily be the author’s fault. Should you remember more, it might be useful.

I have often suspected that the very old WebRunner is slower abroad as the website version is placed in Scotland (William Dooling’s games utilized another server, I think in the US(?)), so it would be interesting if you could tell me in which part of the world you live?

USA, specifically southeast Texas.

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Thanks :blush:

ADRIFT WebRunner is up and running again at [in the UK] and we still need feedback for it because it is very clunky and we were wondering if we are better without it or should hide it as games are better when downloaded.

I am currently playing the new version of Skybreak(v4) without problems but I am seated in Denmark close to the UK so that might affect speed.

General advice when playing ADRIFT games online:
If you want to restart, you might have to refresh your browser and even start a different game on the adrift site before returning to the game. That seems to work for me, don’t know why.

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