Feedback for Galen's Quest made with ADRIFT

I am mostly done with this adventure, and I would appreciate any feedback from people willing to try it out. It’s made with ADRIFT.

The problem I’m facing right now is that I can’t seem to upload an ADRIFT file to this post. Please help me to do that, and then I would appreciate any feedback on the adventure itself.

Here is a link to the file that I uploaded on the ADRIFT site; feel free to download it from there!



Hello again! I just want everyone to know that I am willing to help playtest anyone else’s adventure in return.

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Brand new to the siteand I know it was a bit ago you requested testing but I grabbed and would love to let you know what I thought ( not that it carries much weight) if you are still interested

Hi, I’d love to do a test exchange, but I don’t have ADRIFT software. Can I run your game on browser? Feel free to PM me.