Fatal Error Saving a Game


I am getting the following fatal error when I try to save my game (Inform 6G60) in the Windowes Glulxe interpreter ( or in Parchment:
streams are only available in GLK/O systems

I don’t get this error with the Filfre interpreter. Can anyone give me some idea of where to look for problems?


That would suggest you’re doing some nasty low-level Inform 6 hackery, as that error should only occur if you try to save or restore without Glk being the current I/O sub-system. You’ll have to provide more details to figure out why this is happening.

I found the bit of source text that is causing the problem:

To force sentence capitals: (- @aload (+ sentence capitalization +) 1 sp; @setiosys 1 sp; -).

This phrase is part of a larger block of code that I copied from a post on the I6/I7 Development section of this forum (“Confused About Capitals”) which suggested a way to ensure that sentences started with an uppercase letter. I’ve now decided to jettison this code for a say phrase that will print in sentence case if need be.