Fantasy Game

None of these is quite perfect for what you’re asking, but they’re the closest things I can think of that haven’t been done yet:

Part 1 of an unfinished story, but IIRC it does have races, etc: Phoenix’s Landing: Destiny. I don’t recall it being very difficult.

If you like the Zork games and want something a bit Zork/Enchanter-esque but non-commercial, you might like Balances or The Meteor, The Stone, and the Long Glass of Sherbet. Both do have puzzles, but they’re shorter and less difficult than Graham Nelson’s other work, and you can probably find hints online.

Tower of the Elephant is a Conan story, but if you like ToaSK, you might like that also. It uses words like “sward”.

The Windhall Chronicles, Volume 1: Path to Fortune is in the epic fantasy mold. It may be on the difficult side; I’ve never played it. However, there’s an included walkthrough available, if that helps.

Part of the challenge here is that you’re asking for a genre that is most associated with old-school, puzzle-dense games. The intersection of “linear and easy” with “games with orcs” is not large.

Hey, if you can find Eric The Unready, you’ll love it to bits. :slight_smile: It’s large, pretty linear, on the easy side, it’s fantasy - well, fantasy parody. Anyway, it’s a must and you have to play it, so there.

I’m not sure if these are quite what you are looking for, but the Sir Loin games are fantasy/comedy. Definitely comedy games, but quite strongly influenced by a fantasy genre.

Sir Loin and the Coming of Age
Sir Loin 2: The Phantom Dennis
Sir Loin 3: The Quest for the Holy Quail

You might be particularly interested in Sir Loin 3, as it has the most high fantasy inspiration, I think.