Faithful Companion Post-Comp Beta Testers wanted

Hello! The post-comp version of my Ectocomp entry Faithful Companion is available for beta testing! Anyone interested can get it at

I’d be particularly interested if you didn’t play the original version, as one of the things I’ve tried to do is clue the mechanics a bit better. If you completed the original version, the puzzles should all be the same (barring a minor one at the very beginning), but if you’d like to spend a few minutes jumping up and down on it and trying to put it in all kinds of edge cases that would be very helpful! And if you tried the original but didn’t finish it, maybe you can tell me whether this one seems better clued?

In any case, I’d be very grateful for any time anyone could put in on this. You can PM me comments (or a transcript) or e-mail them to

Merry post-Christmas and Happy New Year!