Failbetter Games #loveindies celebration

What’s all this then?

#loveindies 2019 is a community campaign, celebrating indie developers and their communities.

For developers, it’s designed to help us increase our review numbers and word of mouth. Reviews have a huge impact on a potential player’s confidence in a given game, but not everyone thinks to leave a review, even if they’ve enjoyed playing it.

For influencers, it’s a great time to engage your community, try some new games and connect with developers directly.

For players, it’s a chance to support the indies you know, and discover new ones which come recommended by your current faves.

And for press, we hope it’ll be a useful umbrella that gives you an excuse to cover some of the indies which you feel haven’t had the attention they deserve!

It is not about:

  • Paid reviews - there’s no payment or exchange here, just a chance for players to support and celebrate their favourite indies.
  • Demanding positive reviews.

More at Participant Guide link!

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