extraneous group showing up in PM window?

When composing a PM recently, I saw that “2016 IFComp Authors” was showing up in the Send to: Groups: window. I didn’t want to send a message to that group, and I don’t think I did (if I did, apologies, and if you get a PM from me and you didn’t send me one earlier, I’d appreciate it if you delete it without reading). But has anyone else experienced this?

EDIT: Or is it just that that group is preloaded in the window as one that I can add, if I highlight it and click “Add”? Bah, not doing well with technology this morning.

I’m not sure whether I’m in that group (initially I wasn’t, due to entering under pseudonym), but I haven’t received anything.

Thanks! I really think I was just misunderstanding the interface.

I received something and that group appeared to be attached.

Yup, I messed up bad.

Aside from requesting everyone to delete the message–I’m so sorry!–maybe the constructive feedback I have for the forum is that maybe that group shouldn’t show up in the window? Or maybe that it’s that since no one but me has ever messed up in this way, I should stop messing up. Ugh.

Oops…that’s probably my fault (I made a mistake when creating the private forum this year and tried to fix it). Do other years’ author groups appear there as well?

Other IFComp author groups don’t for me. I only see 2016.

I assumed it was just a convenience for the authors this year.

But I’d never paid attention to that box before, and it was neat to see that was a feature.

I just get 2016 (and I’m not an author).

The problem for me is that when I compose a new PM from my mailbox panel, the only way that I have to enter the recipient(s) is to put their screennames in the top box of the panel and hit “Add”; but that “Add” button also adds the author group list that’s preloaded and I have to remove that by hand (or forget to remove it by hand, as I did). I guess I didn’t notice that recently because usually I’m either replying to messages or hitting the “pm” button on someone’s post on the public forum.

Anyway, thanks for looking into it, Daniel!