External Images

Is there a library/inbuilt support for external images, that is, if I provide a link to an image, have the image be loaded and displayed? Preferably compatible with Quixe.

Much thanks, you guys have been downright awesome at helping move my project along. We’ve been bending Inform into all kinds of interesting shapes.

Vorple, perhaps? vorple-if.com/outgribe/ (I don’t actually know the capabilities or limitations of Vorple. Someone else will have a more complete answer, I’m sure. But you can check out that link in the meantime.)

That looks interesting. Possibly. I would like to know if it’s possible without a specialty interp first, so that people can still use the resulting file in whatever client they prefer.

Vorple is your only choice at the moment (or will be when the I7 compatible version is published). Offline interpreters don’t support external images.

Doesn’t work with I7? Dang. Thanks anyway.