External coverage of IF Comp

Outside of The Short Game, it can be hard to find external coverage of IF Comp. Just wanted to share this Italian video. I forget the gentleman’s name, but I’m pretty sure he was a participant in the last year or two.


I always wonder about how little the IFComp is known outside the usual suspects. Does anyone know anyone who knows a journalist? Or, idk, streamer? Influencer? Someone who gets listened to by the to-listeners of this world?


I don’t know “The Short Game”. An internet search tells me it’s a movie about golf-playing kids. Is there a mention of IF in it?

Compared to how big it [Edit: The IF Comp] is in this forum, it’s surprising that it’s not mentioned more externally.

I must admit something heretical: I don’t care much about IF competitions and jams. I slowly but steadily make my way through IF (both as a player and as an author), unimpressed by comps/jams. I tried most of the IFComp2023 entries, but I didn’t like most of them. It’s mostly because I don’t like too hard games and give up early like a whimp… I’m also not into choice games, with some exceptions (precisely one exception: That orc life simulator [not part of IFComp]).


IFComp tends to have a lot of good games and a lot of bad games. I haven’t seen very many bad games this year. But even among the good games, there are very different tastes in games (like pure puzzle adventure vs introspective, sad personal story). So most people won’t like most IFComp games.

However, given the things you’ve posted in the past, I think there would be some games in this competition that you would like, even some choice-based ones!

For instance, the Commodore 64 game Artful Deceit has a nice retro feel. It’s a little long, though.

A choice game that feels like a parser with exploration and puzzles (but isn’t too hard) is The Gift of What You Notice More

I noticed you were in germany. One IFComp game in this competition is the translation of a German funny horror game that did well in an earlier competition. Link to german version.

Two parser games that are pretty funny and aren’t too hard or too long are Dr Ludwig and the Devil and Honk!.

I personally like a lot of the harder games and choice games and haven’t included some of my favorite competition games here, but these could be fun to try out if you wanted.


Thanks Brian for the recommendations. I will try them out. :slight_smile:
I sometimes am really whimpy and give up soon and especially impatient about a game’s start: Too many intro text? Quit! Too hard first puzzle? Quit! Uninspired game start? Quit!