Extensions for Debugging

I’ve just now found out about this, and it looks amazing. Kudos!

I haven’t dug very far into it yet, but I’m excited to learn how it works and to what extent it can be supported on Guncho. (Good news: full control over the build process and VM. Bad news: no Glk.)

I finally got around to trying this!

Unfortunately, even though I downloaded the March 10th package, I’m still getting an error that looks like what Ron got:

Is this a variation on the same problem? Is there a newer build that I should get? Should I take files from the svn repository you linked to?

Oops, sorry I missed your post. Indeed, that looks like a variation on the same problem. Can you post how you’re including the extensions?

I’m afraid that the current development snapshot will only give you an awkward, undocumented chimera (I’m in the middle of reworking the UI) without doing anything to address your problem. It’s on my list, though I’m hoping for a fix to Inform bug 666 that will simplify or resolve the issue.