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From the makers of SimAnt and Sim City (startup company before EA merger)
Alice In Wonderland

What I really liked (and what I wish more text adventure designers would do) is he asked players to contact him with what they would like to see in the game.

You know that hall of doors she fell into?
All but one couldn’t be unlocked, and I always wondered what was behind the locked doors, so I was one of the people who wrote to him (still a kid) and asked him to take some liberties with the story, including a save point at the caterpillar’s mushroom.

I’ve also been watching Alice In Wonderland videos on youtube (including the 1982 stage production - 4 part video ripped from old TV).

Note: I didn’t get the emulator, but I remember the 1981/82 game.

Edit: Small mistake in locked doors example. (fixed)