Extending actions - The simplest form of understand

What am I doing wrong?

	"talk to [someone] about [something]",
	"speak to [someone] about [something]"
	as asking someone about something.

Can I extend the action ask grandpa about dog without defining a new action? I think that comes from Conversation Framework by Eric Eve.

By looking at Eric Eve’s source, I solved my own question:

	"talk to [someone] about [any known thing]",
	"speak to [someone] about [any known thing]"
	as quizzing it about.

Yeah, the easiest way to change the restrictions on an action (like whether it applies to a touchable thing or a visible thing) is to define your own, and it’s best to use a different verb when you do so. This means different conversation extensions have needed to come up with so many different synonyms for “asking” and “telling” (quizzing, informing, interrogating…).