Exporting generated I6 code

I’ve been experimenting with Inform 7 for a bit and now I’d like to learn Inform 6, as I’m a career programmer and find the C-like language more comfortable to work with. I know I7 generates I6 code, but I’m not sure if it’s ever saved anywhere – is it possible to configure the Inform IDE to export the generated I6 code so I can smoothly continue my existing I7 project in I6?

If you take a look inside the Build folder in your project bundle, you should find auto.inf lurking, though you’ll probably have to change the Inform preferences to stop it from cleaning up build files when closing Inform. (Look in the Advanced tab of Preferences.)

A word of warning though: you’re not going to like what you see.


Right. To be more plain: I7 generates some very verbose and non-idiomatic I6 code. Not at all like what a human would write.

On the other hand, there are large stretches of I6 code in the templates (Internal/I6T in the compiler package) which were written by a human.

The original I6 manual is excellent: http://inform-fiction.org/manual/html/contents.html

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