Experimental graphics support for Quixe

I have a version of Quixe which handles graphics. It’s not released, but it’s in GitHub: github.com/erkyrath/quixe

Running the Sensory Jam demo: eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/grap … media.html

(This is based on work contributed by Alex Munroe, quite a while back, but I’ve reworked and extended it.)

You can load in a gblorb file (or gblorb.js file), the way Quixe has always worked, and it will do the right thing.

However, decoding is reeeeeally slow for large blorb files. (Counterfeit Monkey and Kerkerkruip take forever to load up.) So there is an alternate loading scheme which relies on the game and image files not being packed up, but rather arranged in a particular way on the server. (I expect this is what I7’s “release along with an interpreter” feature will use.)

Current issues:

  • Haven’t documented the alternate loading scheme.
  • No mouse-click input. (So Kerkerkruip will refuse to display the graphical map.)
  • Drawing several images is visibly flickery. I think I can do more caching to fix this.
  • If the CSS puts padding around a graphics window, my sizing code will screw up.

Well, Danni said “soon”, but I couldn’t believe it was intended to be SO SOON.

zarf, saying “thank you” seems a bit of an underpayment. You are the Love who moves the sun and the other stars.

Wow! Great news. Thanks much zarf!